Cemetery Fees

Lot Fees

on 4′ x 11′ lot




Includes Out-of-District perpetual care fee of $360


Infant Lots

32″ x 4′ lot




Includes Out-of-District perpetual care fee of $360


Cremation Lot

3′ x 5′ lot
upright or flat marker – 2 Urns




Includes Out-of-District perpetual care fee of $360


Niche Fees

Including lettering – basic




Includes Out-of-District perpetual care fee of $360


Opening / Closing Fees

on 4′ x 11′ lot, urn, or casket


In or Out of District


Infant In-District


Infant Out-of-District


Cremation In-District


Cremation Out-of-District



$2,000 for any requested grave. No requests will be granted for the months of April and May.


Saturday and Late Service Fees

Saturday Services Additional Fee


*Saturday services cannot be scheduled to start after 11:00 a.m. and must conclude and cemetery grounds be vacated by by 12:00 p.m. Please refer to our Rules and Regulations Page.

Weekday Services cannot be scheduled to start after 3:30 p.m. Beginning at 4:30 p.m. a fee of $100 per half hour will be added if grave-site has not been vacated.


Important policies related to fees and lots:

• The cemetery prohibits the re-selling of lots purchased for one year.

• Saturday services must be held no later than 11:00 am and the area surrounding the grave-site must be vacated by 12:00 pm. Additional fees will be applied if you and/or your party are not vacated by 12pm.

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2.5% convenience fee
Not accepting over the phone payments at this time.

In/Out of District Fee Structure Policy Meridian Cemetery Maintenance District


The Meridian Cemetery Maintenance District (“District”) has established a fee schedule for burial lots and services provided by the District. The District has created a distinction in fees to be charged to individuals who reside outside of the Meridian Cemetery Maintenance District boundaries. Pursuant to Idaho Code § 27-121, the District may impose a levy, for cemetery purposes, on all taxable property within the District. In addition, the District may impose an additional property tax levy on all property within the District for the purpose of acquisition of burial grounds, subject to the process defined in Sections 27-121 and 27-122, Idaho Code.


Based on this statutory authority granted to the District, for those residents living inside the District boundaries, the District may levy an ad valorem tax and impose fees. Therefore, people within the District are already paying a portion of the costs for operation and maintenance of the District Cemetery. Those outside the District are not subject to these same levies and are not contributing to the costs for operation and maintenance. Therefore, assessing out of District residents an additional fee for the privilege of burial within the Cemetery supports the District’s goal of equity and fairness. At the time a lot is purchased, it will be determined whether the individual for whom the lot is purchased is within or outside of the District boundaries and that lot will be purchased for the respective in/out of District fee. These fees are established by the District’s Board of Commissioners. The fees will be reviewed annually and subject to modification pursuant to Sections 67-1311 and 67-1311A, Idaho Code.


A portion of the premium charged to out-of-district purchasers is deposited in an Out-of-District Perpetual Care fund which is used for the purpose of operation and maintenance of the District cemetery.


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